Thursday, July 11, 2013

sImlac v0.0 is ready for human consumption

Just a quick update today.  After spending numerous hours hunting down a couple of well hidden (and very stupid) bugs, I finally have sImlac (the Imlac emulator) in a state where I feel like other people might actually want to play with it.

Pinball, looking like, well... Pinball

You can grab sImlac 0.0 from here.  You can grab Imlac software from here (thanks again to Tom Uban for providing this).  The readme.txt file is basic but functional -- feel free to bug me if you have questions.  You'll need .NET 4.0 (or the latest Mono) to run it.  Having a fast machine wouldn't hurt either as at the moment absolutely nothing is optimized at all.

Have at it!

See you, Space Cowboy...

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